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SEO 102 Course From the Academy of Continuing Education by Hire a Writer

Unlock the power of SEO with our SEO 102 comprehensive course.

Note that this course is NOT for beginners and will not cover basic SEO concepts, such as using GSC, GA4, or similar.

It will be for advanced, experienced SEOs who want to gain more knowledge and practical understanding of implementing complex and effective SEO strategies.

 Gain hands-on experience through lectures, labs, and expert guidance.

Elevate your digital marketing skills and drive real results with our SEO expert-led program.

Here is an overview of the 13 modules included in this 13-week course:


Module 1: SEO Big Picture

  • Unit Description: Introduction to foundational SEO concepts, roles in digital strategy, analyzing the current SEO landscape.

  • Learning Goals:

    • Describe the role of SEO in digital marketing strategy.

    • Conduct an audit of a website's current SEO positioning using appropriate tools.

    • Analyze the competitive SEO landscape for a given website.

Module 2: On-Page Optimization

  • Unit Description: Optimizing on-page elements including titles, content, HTML tags, speed for higher rankings.

  • Learning Goals:

    • Apply on-page optimization best practices for titles, content, metadata, and HTML tags.

    • Use tools to diagnose technical SEO issues.

    • Create written recommendations for improving website content and markup for SEO.

Module 3: Technical SEO

  • Unit Description: Improving technical website health for crawlability, indexation, and implementing site architecture best practices.

  • Learning Goals:

    • Evaluate technical SEO health relating to site architecture, crawl budget, and indexation.

    • Identify issues negatively impacting crawlability and site indexing.

    • Develop solutions for fixing technical SEO barriers through configuration changes and content optimization.

Module 4: Off-Page Optimization

  • Unit Description: Building high-quality backlinks through outreach campaigns, influencer partnerships, and content promotion.

  • Learning Goals:

    • Research and evaluate methods for acquiring high-quality backlinks such as outreach and partnerships.

    • Create written strategies and campaigns focused on building credibility through external websites.

Module 5: Keyword Research

  • Unit Description: Conducting keyword research to build strategic target lists, prioritizing based on competitiveness, search volume, and intent.

  • Learning Goals:

    • Leverage tools to thoroughly research keywords and identify strategic targets.

    • Analyze metrics like search volume and difficulty to determine viable focus keywords for given websites.

    • Cluster keywords effectively to inform content development and optimization.

Module 6: SEO Strategy

  • Unit Description: Developing an SEO strategy aligned to business goals by auditing, identifying gaps, and optimization roadmaps.

  • Learning Goals:

    • Conduct audits identifying SEO gaps for given websites.

    • Develop data-informed strategic recommendations and roadmaps for executing Organic Search optimization based on key opportunities and business objectives.

Module 7: Site Performance, CX, and Optimization

  • Unit Description: Enhancing mobile user experience following Google’s core web vitals benchmarks and implementing responsive design.

  • Learning Goals:

    • Diagnose obstacles negatively impacting mobile site performance and user experience.

    • Present solutions for improving page speed, Core Web Vitals, and overall on-site experience factors through technical and content changes.

Module 8: SEO Tracking & Analysis

  • Unit Description: Connecting analytics tools like Search Console, GA, and SEMrush to track rankings, traffic, and other key SEO performance indicators over time.

  • Learning Goals:

    • Connect key platforms like Google Analytics and Search Console to integrate website analytic data.

    • Leverage data and visualizations to identify SEO issues and opportunities.

    • Report analytics insights to stakeholders with contextual recommendations.

Module 9: SEO Audits

  • Unit Description: Performing technical/on-page/off-page audits to identify issues, benchmark against competitors, and provide recommendations.

  • Learning Goals:

    • Systematically audit technical, on-page, and off-page elements using appropriate tools and benchmarks.

    • Synthesize audit findings into actionable prioritized recommendations and documents for enhancing SEO.

Module 10: Blog SEO

  • Unit Description: Optimizing blog content with keyword-focused titles/topics, internal linking, promotion tactics for greater discoverability.

  • Learning Goals:

    • Apply blog-specific SEO strategies to inform topic development, content optimization, structure decisions, and promotion campaigns.

    • Compare tactics for blogs vs. standard website pages.

Module 11: Google SERP Features Optimization

  • Unit Description: Optimizing website content for inclusion in Google search engine result page features like featured snippets, knowledge panels, and image carousels to improve visibility and engagement.

  • Learning Goals:

    • Identify opportunities for targeting featured snippets, knowledge graphs, and other Google search result page features.

    • Optimize site content using markup schema and writing formats to gain feature exposure.

Module 12: SEO Trends

  • Unit Description: Identifying emerging SEO trends and changes to algorithms to adapt content and optimization strategies accordingly.

  • Learning Goals:

    • Research current and emerging SEO trends, innovations, and algorithm changes.

    • Develop strategies adapting to trends, updates, and new techniques for maintaining and enhancing organic search performance.

Module 13: Final Exam

  • Unit Description: Demonstrating acquired SEO skills and knowledge through final presentations and strategy execution plans.

Each module includes a 30-minute lecture, a 60-minute lab, take-home resources, a quiz, and access to an SEO expert instructor with over 15 years of SEO experience.